Welcome to my little world. Werloc is just a nickname. It has NO meaning.
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    Pictures from Holloween        2008
       Werloc, is just a name I picked up from work back in the late 80's. I had a Stanley Powerlock tape measure that I used at work. Being that everyone else had the same tape, I removed the "Po" and the "k" from the word "Powerlock", so it read "werloc". Everyone started calling me by that name, so it kinda stuck with me through out the years. I use this name on all the internet forums I belong to, and also use it as my email.
       I made this website because I like to be creative, and play around with HTML coding and web design as a hobby. Yeah, like I need another hobby...LOL I belong to a lot of forums on the internet that are related to my hobbies and interests. Motorcycles, Guitars, Guns, Fly Fishing & Tying, Camping, RC 1/5 Scale gasoline Cars & RC Helicopters, SCUBA Diving...etc. I post a lot of pictures on the forums, so I figured as long as I have to host the pictures, I may as well have a little website along with them. What the hell, right? So here we are.
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    A few PICs for ya.
         You can have a look around the site by using the list on the left. This is basically just a large photo gallery site for now. I will be updating this site often, so stop back and have a look around from time to time.